• "Several months ago we saw the author of "A Case of Poison Penmanship" at Gusto's on a Wednesday night (I know shocking for those who know him!). We went home and ordered it. Plan was to read it on a cruise which I did this past weekend. Totally enjoyed & literally could not put it down! Would be a great Netflix Limited Series. 5 stars for sure!!!."..Susan H.
  • "You’ll never look at cruising the same way again. The plot thickens with the introduction of each new character, and the author holds your interest with enticing vignettes sprinkled throughout the narrative. Just when you’re sure you’ve solved the mystery, the plot takes a surprising new twist. You’ll go overboard for this nautical tale." Ann M., forensic document examiner.
  • "I finally finished the book last night. You really made me proud Caruso!!! That was an excellent book. I had so much fun reading it."...Susan Abbey, NADE President
  • "Richard greetings and salutations! A Case of Poison Penmanship must have been a good read since I read it in a day. It kept me turning pages which is about the best any author can hope for! Good Work!!"...Brian M. Private Investigator
  • "OOO, Who knew? A Case of Poison Penmanship is a buy one get one free Detective Story; more than I bargained for! Caruso (Author, Richard Orsini) is a Classic, calm, concise, character who swept me into a new genre; I never would have ventured into myself. An easy, captivating read, tastefully and skillfully done! Caruso wouldn't let a case slip by! Bring on Vol. 2!...Eileen Rose M.
  • "I finished your book! Loved it and am waiting patiently for your next one! Wow, that was a great story!"...Patti H.
  • "Finished the book. Well done. Read it in one sitting. Couldn't put it down, Caruso!"...Joe H.
  • "Bravo Richie, Bravo! I just finished your book and it's fabulous...You know what it feels like when you reach some elusive tipping point when you're reading a book and then you just can't put it down because you are so curious to see what happens next? That's exactly what happened to me. It was fun to read all of your real life experiences incorporated showing up in the plot.  I'm not a cruise person but you made me feel like one... and I could feel and visualize each well-developed character.  I liked the super short chapters. It made your book read like a play and I can definitely see this as a TV movie or maybe even a series! Congratulations on this terrific accomplishment...Well done, Sherlock, well done!"...Catherine S.
  • "A delightful book to read. A bit of humor and mystery. I have never been on a cruise before but now I feel like I have. Great Beach/cruise read!"...Angie B.
  • "An inspiring book that takes the reader on a journey into intelligent awareness of subtleties irresistibly narrated by its main character Caruso. Captivating, entertaining, and with the potential to become a major box office hit in the theater!"...Mia K.
  • "So many suspects, so little time! Because I know you as I do, it was fun reading your novel. From my perspective, it's more than a story. I see it as a compilation of your love of Sherlock Holmes stories and your love of handwriting/fashion/cruising/people! For the first time ever, I resisted my natural temptation to read the last part first!...Jacqueline J.

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