"Your presentation today was spectacular! I enjoyed it very much and I know that it was enjoyed by all of those attending!" 

...Tom Spencer, Esq.,  Association of Former Intelligence Officers meeting, Jacksonville, Fl.



"He didn't explicity admit that he wrote the letter - but after 4 of his significant others all ID'ed it as his writing, and knowing you were up next, he knew that he was up against it.  That plea was completely unexpected.  In asking around, no one has heard of someone entering an open plea to murder in the middle of trial.  Thanks as always for your help.  You certainly played a big part in the outcome."...Chris Huband, Division Chief, States Attorney, Jacksonville, Fl.


"The cross-examinations of both experts demonstrated that Mr. Orsini's approach was much more consistent, logical, and thorough than that of (the opposing FBI expert).  I do not agree with or accept (the opposing expert's) conclusions and findings.  I accept and agree with Mr. Orsini's approach, analysis, conclusions and findings." .....We won! Full victory! Ana Maria Barton, Esq. Reed Smith LLP


"Guilty as charged!  Thank you sir for your excellent assistance.  I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone."

...Matt Richardson, Assistant State Attorney

Felony Division, 1st Judicial Cir., Santa Rosa County, Fl


"We want to thank you for your willingness and efforts to help us with an expert opinion in this matter.  Your services became valuable in such a situation where you were able to quickly review and produce a report for us.  Due to the nature of this case and the issues with the opposing document examiner...it was good to know we had you in our corner.  Settlement discussion began near the same day we retained your services.  This is the reason we did not get back to you right away.  We have now settled this case..."..Knial Piper, paralegal, Gary, Williams, Parenti, Watson & Gary PLLC


"Thank you for your excellent testimony and help respecting the recent court case in which you testified as a Certified Court Qualified Document Examiner on behalf of our mutual client.  The cross-examination was intense and wide-ranging, which you deflected with exceptional skill and good nature.  You made an excellent impression on the judge, who expressed on several occasions his agreement with your qualifications and your testimony.  Thanks in large part to your testimony, our client prevailed on the issues you were engaged to help resolve." ...Joseph L. Mannikko, Esq.


"Wells Fargo, citing F.S. 90.702 and Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharm., 509 U.S. 579 (1993), claims that Orsini's opinions are unreliable, speculative and, therefore, inadmissable.  The Court disagrees.  Mr. Orsini is a well-educated and experienced handwriting analyst.  He was familiar with and applied the pertinent principles and methods to the facts of the case.  Finally, the testimony of an expert experienced in handwriting examination has been helpful to the finder of fact."...Judge James M. Barton II, Senior Circuit Court. 


"We are settled. Thank you again. If there is anything I can do in terms of references, referrals, or reviews, please let me know. 

Again, I am confident you were a large part in getting this matter resolved with favorable terms to the client"

                                                     ...Paul J. Kelly P.A.


"Please know how much your work on our recent medical malpractice case is appreciated.  As counsel for the defendant physician, our firm suspected the patient plaintiff created a false document which the plaintiff interjected into the case in an attempt to commit a fraud upon the court.  Until you joined our team, we were at a loss to know how to prove the document was fraudulent.  You changed everything.  You brought expertise and knowledge that we did not know existed - and you discovered the key to proving the document was falsely created.  Your deposition testimony sealed the matter.  I have worked with more experts than I can remember in my four decades of practice.  I can think of no expert that produced a finer, more compelling product, and followed it up with more convincing professional testimony.  Thank you for your excellent work.  You have been a great team member and I hope you will allow me to contact you the next time there is any question about a document.

                                                                            ....Douglas P. Jones, Esq.


"It was such a privilege to meet you and work with you on this case.  I know it presented certain 'special' challenges for you but you rose to the occasion!  Your command and confidence in your area of expertise is apparant - as it should be!  Thank you for your attention to this case and your extra effort in preparation.  I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again."  ...Amy Shea, ASA State Attorney's Office, Pensacola, Fl


"Ms. X was found guilty as charged on all counts.  Her bond was revoked and she was remanded into custody.  Her sentencing will be May 10 (2017) at 1:30pm (CST).  Thank you for your excellent work.  You did a great job!"...Trisha Little, Legal Secretary to John Dubose ASA State Attorney's Office, Milton, Fl


"The judge ruled in our favor that we made the necessary showing.  He granted our document request.  Thank you very much for the testimony. Mike and I both thought it was very good.  If we bump into anyone else who claims to have not signed something, you're the guy we'll call."...Jeff De Rosier Esq. with Riemenscheider, Wattwood and DeRosier


"I just wanted to let you know that we settled our case during mediation due to your handwriting analysis. Thank you very much, I could not have done it without you, you rock!...Kimberly A. O'Steen PL 

"I just wanted to thank you once again for sharing your expertise, knowledge and experience in your review of conflicting pages of leases, the preparation of the report, and your testimony at trial. With your expert opinion, based on your credible and thorough analysis, my client prevailed. Your rebuttal testimony to the report of opposing parties' document examiner, who claims to be "the Nations #1 Handwriting Expert for forgeries, questioned documents, and handwriting related issues" proved to be crucial and instrumental; in the court pronouncement that their "expert" was not credible and his expertise suspect. Again, thank you for your assistance. Should a client of mine need an expert document examiner, you will be the first person I call." ...Suzanne C. Quinonez P.A. Middleburg, Fl.


"I thought you would like this information since you did the critical work in my divorce appeal.  My ex's appeal was denied.  I had an "angel on my shoulder" the day I emailed you to ask that you be my forensic expert.  I truly mean that.  Your honesty and expeertise proved to the court what they needed to know.  I cannot thank you enough for your superb expertise."...M. Mauer, Clearwater, Fl


Judge Dugan ruled in our favor on every count regarding the above referenced quiet title and slander of title matter.  Your testimony was, in my opinion, a key factor in the judge's findings of fact.  This case has been a matter of public concern for quite a few years; thus the underlying allegations affected numerous other parties, who have anxiously awaited our verdict.  Needless to say, my clients are ecstatically pleased.  Aside for the verdict, I wish to compliment you on your expertise, your professionalism and courtroom demeanor.  Your credentials are impressive.  Moreover, you educated me on various technical details which assisted me during your direct examination as well as the cross-examination of opposing counsel's document examiner.  It was indeed my pleasure to have worked with you on this case and would certainly recommend you.  Thank you again....Mark S. Peters, Esq.


I wanted to write you and personally thank you for your help with my preliminary injunction hearing.  Your testimony was instrumental in getting the forged branch manager's agreement thrown out.  Your attention to detail and professionalism is second to none.  I highly recommend your services to anyone in need of a forensic document examiner.  Again, thank you and I appreciate you more than you realize."

.....Bryan S. Stone, Esq. - Federal Court Pensacola, Fl


"Thank you so much for offering your technical expertise on the subjects of forgery and fraudulent documents.  Your insights are illuminating and incredibly useful."

                .....Jerome Hairston, Story Editor, Law & Order Criminal Intent, TV Show                          


"I wanted to tell you that the commission has approved the hearing officer's order and (our client) has officially won! I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on this case. You are the most profound witness I have ever had the privilege of questioning. As you were testifying, both sides were watching you as if you were teaching a class. Your knowledge and presentation about handwriting is truly amazing and you truly helped a David beat a Goliath. The other two experts paled in comparison to the testimony that you gave. It has been a privilege to work with you.

....Danielle Joyner Kelly P.A. Hayward & Grant P.A.




"Contrary to the Agency's (Department of Environmental Protection) argument in its post-hearing document, after listening to the testimony and examining all the evidence, I have found Orsini's background and credentials to be similar to or better than the Agency's experts and his testimony to be more reasonable and plausible"

         ....John Schowalter PERC Hearing Officer




"I am writing to thank you for your assistance in the above litigation. I was fascinated by your insightful analysis of the various signatures we asked you to examine. In particular, your computer work transposing certain parts of the relevant signatures was very helpful in illustrating your conclusions. Your court testimony was clear, concise, and very persuasive to the court. Your work ethic was prompt, diligent and flexible. In short, it was a pleasure working with you."



....Geoffrey L. Travis 
Shutts & Bowen LLP 
Miami, FL


"This letter is to thank you for the timely and very professional services you provided to us once again as we dealt with an internal problem that had caused a lot of problems. Because of your skills and very thorough investigative report the person suspected of being responsible was confronted with the evidence and subsequently admitted his involvement not only in the case I was investigating but the one that only surfaced after the fact. It has been a pleasure to have you provide a service to us at CSX in two very important matters and to have your expertise provide us with the answers that helped solve and resolve both matters. I look forward to working with you in the future and once again thank you for your prompt, professional, and insightful investigative conclusion in this most recent matter."


....Joseph P. McMahon 
Regional Director of Police 
CSX Transportation


"This is just a note to thank you again for the presentation on signature comparison that you made to the Conference of County Court Judges at Amelia Island... you provided valuable information that should be of substantial assistance to judges chairing canvassing board as they undertake their responsibility to compare signatures on absentee ballots. Perfectly timed and engaging throughout, your presentation admirably fulfilled the educative goal for which your assistance was sought. Thank you again for your masterful and entertaining presentation."


....David E. Silverman 
Judge of the County Court 
Melbourne FL


"I am writing to thank you for your valuable assistance and expert testimony at trial on July 27, 1999 on behalf of (name withheld) in the National Heritage Life case. This case has been the largest insurance fraud prosecution in United States history. Your testimony on a key questioned document has been extremely beneficial to (our) defense. I hope to use your services in the future and will recommend you to other trial attorneys throughout the country. Thanks again."


....John W. Dill Esq. 
Allen & Dill 
Winter Park, FL


"I am writing to thank you for the work you did as our handwriting expert in the above referenced case. Your courtroom demeanor and presentation were outstanding and your analysis of the situation of our case was credible and believable and I am convinced played an important part in the return of a $2.8 million dollar verdict in our case in favor of the plaintiff. Thank you so much for your assistance in this case and I look forward to working with you again in the future."


....Charles G. Barger, Jr. 
Nance, Cacciatore, Sisserson, et al 
Melbourne, FL


"It has been a pleasure working with you as a forensic document expert... your assistance and expertise in the examination of the document allowed for a swift and favorable resolution of this matter. If I should ever require the services of a forensic document expert again, I will not hesitate to contact you to be a member of our team."


....Eric. S. Adams 
Carlton Fields Attorneys At Law 
Tampa, FL


"Please find enclosed the decision of the Board of Directors of the United States Amateur Boxing on the (name withheld) grievance. The handwriting identification information that you were able to present on the USA Boxing registration and entry forms played a crucial role in finding (name withheld) in violation of the Constitution and By-Laws of USA Boxing. We knew that with the information you gave us, we had an outstanding chance of winning this grievance, once it was presented to the proper hearing committee."


....Nick Cimmento 
USA Boxing 
Rockledge, FL


"I wish to express my thanks for the fine work you did in the (name withheld) matter. Your expert opinion regarding document authenticity proved decisive in an otherwise highly contested matter. Indeed, but for your efforts, it is unlikely that we would have been able to settle the case on the terms we did. I look forward to working with you again."


....Scott K. Lippman 
Litchfield & Christopher 
Orlando & Miami, FL


"Richard Orsini assisted our firm in recent litigation by examining title documents which were allegedly signed over to the opposing party by an individual who had since died. As a result of Mr. Orsini's report proving that the signatures were not those of the decedent, the opposing party voluntarily dismissed her case prior to trial."


....Timothy M. Williams 
Potter, McClelland, Marks, & Healy 
Melbourne, FL





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