Richard Orsini is a 1969 graduate of Niagara University where he majored in the German language, achieving permanent New York State teaching certification. He also holds a Master of Science degree in business management from the University of Arkansas.

      Upon graduation from the Defense Language Institute at Syracuse University, Mr. Orsini served as a Russian translator with the U.S. Air Force in Germany and Turkey from 1970-73 and was awarded the Air Medal with a Presidential Citation. Interest in security and intelligence led to a position as Senior Investigator with the Xerox Corporation followed by 18 years in the commercial and residential security field, starting in sales and ending as president/owner of his own company.

      Mr. Orsini began his formal document examination studies with an eight-month mentored program under the personal tutelage of Daniel S. Anthony, who taught at the New School for Social Research in New York and the graduate schools of Harvard, Princeton, Rutgers, and NYU. Mr. Anthony was also the handwriting examiner and expert witness for the Attorney General John Mitchell case, Watergate, the Sharon Tate-Charles Manson murder investigation and the Son of Sam case. Prior to his death in 1997, Mr. Anthony's business clientele included AT&T, General Motors, Westinghouse, and over twenty of America's leading insurance companies.

      Continuing his education , Mr. Orsini successfully completed a two-year mentored program with Andrew Bradley, a thirty plus-year veteran document examiner with the Denver Police Department and Arapaho County Sheriff's Office. Mr. Bradley was a graduate of the FBI Instructor School and the U.S. Secret Service School and has been an instructor with the Colorado Law Enforcement Academy. In 1995, Mr. Orsini completed a college-accredited document examination course at Northern Virginia Community College near Washington, DC conducted by Larry F. Ziegler, a veteran document examiner, formerly with the FBI and the Secret Service.

      Mr. Orsini has completed various courses and seminars held both nationally and internationally dealing with document examination, document photography, and court procedures. He incorporated his business in April 1993. He is a six-time Vice President of the National Association of Document Examiners, a four-time NADE Conference Chairman, a Certification Board member of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, a member of the American Society for Testing & Materials, and a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Citizens' Academy Alumni Association.

      In 2008, Mr. Orsini completed Basic and Advanced Fraudulent Document Recognition training on major identification documents and immigration source documents, their security features and techniques for fraud recognition, including security paper, certificates of title, birth certificates, vehicle titles, ID documents, immigration documents, drivers licenses, and passports. This training program, sponsored by the ALLREGS Academy, conducted by veteran document examiners, resulted in a Certified Fraudulent Document Examiner certification.

      Mr. Orsini has been a guest speaker/lecturer for over 400 local, regional, and national organizations including the National Association of Legal Investigators, the Orlando College Criminal Justice Department, the University of North Florida, the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, and the Florida Convention of County Court Justices to name just a few.

      As an independent examiner, Mr. Orsini has worked for both plaintiff and defendant and his cases have ranged from misdemeanors to murder, coming from 43 different states and 12 foreign countries.

      He has qualified and testified in local, state, and Federal courts, including the Supreme Court of the Bahamas over 100 times and has never been disqualified nor rejected as an expert in any court.  He has been employed by the Office of the State Attorney and the Office of the Public Defender, under the Justice Administration Commission, throughout the state of Florida.

      Mr. Orsini was employed by the Doyle Detective Bureau as Senior Investigator with the Xerox Corporation from 1973-1978. He conducted investigations related to physical security, fraud, surveillance, employee interviews, and loss prevention covering over 50 buildings within the Xerox community. In addition, he wrote the operational manual for Xerox Security staff. In 2011, Mr. Orsini passed the Florida Private Investigator state license examination (license # 1100108) and established his own agency (# 1100208) to conduct research and informational analysis in preparation of litigation.

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