"I finished your book! Loved it and am waiting patiently for your next one! Wow, that was a great story!"...Patti H.


"Finished the book. Well done. Read it in one sitting. Couldn't put it down, Caruso!"...Joe H.


"Bravo Richie, Bravo! I just finished your book and it's fabulous...You know what it feels like when you reach some elusive tipping point when you're reading a book and then you just can't put it down because you are so curious to see what happens next? That's exactly what happened to me. It was fun to read all of your real life experiences incorporated showing up in the plot.  I'm not a cruise person but you made me feel like one... and I could feel and visualize each well-developed character.  I liked the super short chapters. It made your book read like a play and I can definitely see this as a TV movie or maybe even a series! Congratulations on this terrific accomplishment...Well done, Sherlock, well done!"

...Catherine S.


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